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22 January 2016

SEO Keyword Research and Placement in Content Guide

note:This article is the part of our SEO Tutorial for beginners. You can check the previous lectures from below links:
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  • No doubt content is the king but I should say that the keywords are those who make the content King. The right and targeted keywords for your content are not more than a backbone for your seo strategy. You have to choose the most suitable and relative keywords for your content. And when you get your targeted keywords then the next step is the keyword placement in content.
    seo keyword research

    It is very hard and difficult for any beginner to do both steps. So, for those friends, here is something which will make them able to do so. In this article I tell you how to do a proper and perfect keyword research free and placement in content.

    So, in this article you will learn:

    • Keyword research
    • Keyword placement
    The best way to do keyword research is google keyword tool planner. And almost every seo master and site owners use it. As this tool help a lot in finding the most appropriate keyword for your content. But I think this tool ie not enough to get killer keywords which works as a click magnet.
    You have to move to some more methods rather google keyword tool planner. And here I will teach you all the methods, along with google keyword tool, which can be used to do best keyword research free.

    Keyword research

    Ok, the first step is keyword research. In this step I will tell you how to do a keyword research, about different methods for keyword research and keyword research tools.

    What is keyword research

    For newbies, It is the technique to find the phrases which are mostly searched in search engines. We can find those phrases via multiple methods which I listed below. The phrases may be short or long. The short phrases are called short tail keywords and long phrases called long tail keywords.

    How to do Keyword research

    Ok, now let's begin. There several different means by which you can do keyword research and tap out the new and most suitable keywords for your content. The whole process of research is very easy and you can do this easily as there is no rocket science required :-P 

    In keyword research the thing which have to consider is low competition and high search volume. The low competition will help you to rank higher in google easily and higher search volume will give you more traffic.

    Google keyword Tool

    Google keyword tool is very useful and powerful tool for keyword research. This tool gives you estimated search volume of your query and its competition. The first tool by which you can do a good keyword research is Google keyword tool planner.

    How to Use Google Keyword Tool Planner

    For the newbies, who are new to this tool, here is little guide on how to use google keyword tool planner. First of all go to this link.

    At there you will see something like this:
    how to use google keyword tool

    At there, click on the first option and type your keyword of which you want to check competition and searches. and then hit the Get Ideas button.
    how to use google keyword tool
    Now you will see the results of your keyword along with the related searches. In the second column there are Avg. monthly searches of the search query, that how much times that query is searched in the google. In the next column, you will get the competition of the keyword. The competition may be Low, medium or hard.

    I recommend you to choose that keyword which have low competition because the keyword with low competition will help you to easily rank higher in search engine.

    Discovering keywords on Reddit

    Reddit is a community of millions who discussing every topic. And we can find killer and click magnetic keywords from it with the help of the discussions of reddit users.

    To tap out the killer keyword Just first go to the reddit and then search discussions which are relevant to your topic. For easy search go to any popular sub-reddit related to your search.

    At the discussion page focus on those threads on which people tends to ask a lot of questions Then next scan for the potential keywords who are popping up again and again. To find potential keywords easily use browser find feature. In most of the browsers you can access this feature by pressing Ctrl+f.

    And those who are popping up again and again are perfect.

    Getting Keywords from google ads

    Another very useful trick to get killer keywords is from google adward ads. To get the Idea about click magnet keywords the adwards keywords are very helpful.

    The adward ads for competitive keywords are the result of hundreds to thousands of split test.(Split test to maximise up the clicks). And we can use elements of these ads to make our title and description like a click magnet.
    Let see example:
    We are going to write something on the topic of buy cars.
    Then take a look on the google ads for the keyword "buy cars".
    Keywords from google ads
    Keep your focus on the keywords of all the ads and find the matching keywords in all ads.
    In my case we have phrases:

    1. Used cars
    2. for sale
    3. Best deal
    4. New cars
    And by using the above keywords from google ads we can create our title and description tag to work as click magnet.

    Discover new untapped keywords from wikipedia

    So, if you want to find the keyword that is closely related to your mean topic but not a straight up variation then you should need a living human mind.
    And for this wikipedia is the best one because millions of minds are now contributing to wikipedia. Then you should got a question that how we get the untapped keywords from wikipedia. 

    Then here is the answer:

    Goto the wikipedia and enter your topic related keyword and hit enter
    Now keep your eyes on the result page and its elements and sections. These sections are
    • SEE ALSO
    After this now you should come up with awesome new keyword ideas that should generate clicks from people. And if you want to do more research for more better keywords in depth then click on the internal links and then do the same above.

    Power Suggest PRO Keyword Tool

    Power Suggest Pro is a keyword and market research tool that leverages on multiple search engines to reveal millions of popular search phrases people are typing into search engines every day.

    Unlike most research tools on the market which are based on data from Google Keyword Planner, Power Suggest Pro works by harnessing live keyword suggestions from search engines, which means you'll be getting the most up-to-date and descriptive keywords exactly as they were typed into search engines by real people.

    By this tool you can also get most prominent and killer keywords for your content. 
    For full Review:

    Keyword Placement

    Now after keyword research the next step is placement of the keyword in your content. This step is very important. Because if you do this step in wrong way then you will get penalized by google. YES! that's why you have to be very careful in placement of keywords in content.

    In this process, the first I tell you, how to place keywords in title, then in description and then in whole content.

    How to place keywords in Title

    The main thing in your content is title. Title is the one which Increase your click through rate (CTR). So, your 50%-70% of the clicks are depends on your title. If you have killer and click magnetic title then you will receive more clicks.

    When it comes to keyword placement, then in title you have to add your main keyword. The keyword which you want to target in search engines. Try to make your Title more descriptive, your title should explain your content.

    How to Place Keywords in Description

    After title, the second important thing is meta description. Meta description also play a vital role in search engine ranking. This is also flagged by google as a ranking signal. Same like title you also have to place your keywords in description too.

    In description you have to add your main keyword along with two or three secondary keywords. This will help you to rank your content for multiple search queries. Try to make your description more descriptive and should give a little overview of your whole content.

    How to Place Keywords in Content

    Ok, now it is King's turn. In content you have to be very careful. You have to be wise during keyword placement in content. If you place keywords in content in wrong way then you will get red flag from big G(google).

    Try to add all of your main and secondary keywords in your first two paragraphs. Each paragraph should only have 1 or 2 keywords. Don't stuff your content with the same keywords again and again but try to use synonyms. Add your main keyword 5 - 7 times throughout your content of 500-650 words, 8-10 times in 1000-1200 words.

    Try to write lengthy content. This will give you more opportunity to add more and more your targeted keywords in content. 

    What is Keyword Stuffing?

    Keyword stuffing is very bad habit. Keyword stuffing will ruin your site. Keyword stuffing is old technique. Keyword stuffing is the one which I hate most. You should have to stop Keyword stuffing.

    Have you NOTICED!! what I does in above two lines. I have add the keyword "Keyword stuffing" five times in just two lines. This is called keyword stuffing. 

    Hope you get it. Don't do this. This will really ruin your site career. Google hate this kind of habits, and if you do you will get penalized.

    Final Words

    This is the whole descriptive guide on  SEO Keyword Research and Placement in Content Guide 2015. Hope that you find it useful and helpful. Keywords are the one which can give you top positions in search engines and ultimately to increase your site traffic. You have to choose the right keyword for your content. Let me know if you face any problem in keyword research or placement.
    It takes hours to write an article but it takes just a second to share with others. So, show little generosity and share this article with others.
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