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18 May 2016

How to off Androids apps from connecting to the Internet Automatically

NetGuard is a free application for devices

running Android 5.0 or up that allows you to
control which app may send or receive data.
It is difficult usually to find out what
applications do on mobile devices as you are
limited in terms of what you can run on the
device to track usage.
While you can set up a monitoring solution
to overcome this, most users probably don’t
as it is not easy.
There are plenty of reasons why you may
want to control the apps connecting to the
Internet. Privacy comes to mind for
example, as you can prevent apps from
leaking data for example or block
advertisement this way from being displayed
in the app.
Other benefits include saving data by
blocking applications from using it, and
saving battery.
Applications like the excellent NoRoot
Firewall help in this regard as they let you
control Internet access.
NetGuard requires no-root access or even
the Internet permission, which means that
you can run it on any device running
Android 5 or higher. The app is very simple
to use, open source, and ships without
advertisement or tracking, or phone home
The app requires that you set it up as a VPN
connection to control Internet traffic and
provide you with its functionality. This is
done by enabling it after you have launched
the application on your device and accepting
the prompt that is displayed on first run.
Basically, it directs all app traffic through
the VPN connection it controls and blocks
connections this way giving you full control
of an apps’ connectivity.
It displays a list of user-installed and system
applications that you can control
connectivity afterwards. All system apps are
highlighted in orange for better distinction.
Each app is listed with its name and toggles
to enable or disable WiFi and mobile data.
You will notice right away that everything is
disallowed by default which means that apps
running on your phone may stop functioning
if they require Internet.
To enable mobile data or WiFi for an app
simply tap on the symbol next to it to do so.
You may want to enable Internet for a web
browser for example among other
The settings provide you with additional
options. You may use them to enable WiFi or
mobile data by default for all applications
for instance, reset all rules to start anew, or
enable the dark theme to replace the default
All in all though, it is a simple application
that gives you full control over an
application’s Internet connectivity.
The one downside is that you cannot use a
VPN connection at the same time you are
running NetGuard.

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