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20 October 2016

7 Tips to Boost Blog Traffic Quickly

I asked a question.
My friends answered.
After probing for pressing blogging problems my Facebook friends answered with a request: how do I increase my blog traffic quickly?
So I wrote this post.
Spoiler Alert: every single tip below will NOT work for you unless you release your impatient, desperate, anxious, greedy, terrified, angry, jealous drivers.
If you attempt to use these tips with the “Oh my GOD I need traffic quickly because I’m scared or worried or impatient or anxious!”, it’s like handing a blow torch to a 5 year old.
Somebody’s getting burned, at best.
Some 5 year old is gonna burn down the house, at worst.
When your energy is off you will mis-use these tools.
But if you hand the 5 year old a blow torch and a package of raw hot dogs, with the proper instructions, he can enjoy flame-roasted wieners instead of burning down the house.
So get rid of that desperate, destructive urge to NEED THINGS QUICKLYand follow these tips.

1: Enjoy Blogging

Fall in love with blogging again.
Stop trying to get things quickly.
Give things quickly.
Enjoy blogging to detach from blogging outcomes.
Detaching from outcomes attracts prospering, creative ideas and people to you.
I boosted my blog traffic dumb fast by falling in love with my blogging gig.
I fell in love with my blog after I trashed my oldie and created Blogging From Paradise.
(Check me out when I visited Phuket, Thailand.)
This is because I love blogging and traveling, 2 themes I use exclusively on BFP.

2: Solve a Specific Problem

I wrote this post to address a specific problem.
Brought to me by a reader.
You betcha I’ll see a traffic spike through this post.
Ask readers questions through:
  • Your blog
  • Social media
  • Email
Provide answers through your blog posts.
Boost your blog traffic.

3: Leverage Yourself (and Your Blog) through Guest Posting

Use guest posting to reach a huge, targeted audience.
And to increase your blog traffic fast.
Example: blogging tips bloggers would submit guest posts to:
  • Pro Blogger
  • Blogging Tips

4: Title Posts with “12 Tips” or “11 Steps” or Any Double Figures

Double figure themed titles – whether tips or steps or reasons – seem to reel people in.
Readers love big promises.
Readers also love if you follow up on big promises with helpful content (keep that in mind).
Numbers create order in the mind. You know exactly what you’re getting if you add number themed titles to your blog posts.
  • 11 tips to boost blog traffic
  • 10 tips to increase blogging income
  • 14 reasons why you should start a blog
Go big with titles to increase your blog traffic.

5: Comment on High Traffic Blogs (Aligning with Your Niche)

I am a blog comment lounge lizard.
You can find me commenting on blogs like:
  • Blogging Tips
  • Pro Blogger
  • Blogging Wizard
  • my very own Blogging From Paradise (onsite comments rock too, guys)
Comment on blogs to build relationships and to drive traffic.
People flock to read your content if you appear to be all over the place.
Blog commenting is one such tool to help you appear to be all over the place.

6:  Go Thorough or Go Home

Write 1,000 word or longer blog posts.
Most bloggers crave traffic because they publish thin posts.
Few readers see value in 300 or 400 word posts.
You want resources.
Not crumbs.
Forget thin-crust pizza.
Go with the deep dish, meat lovers, cardiac arrest inducing crust.
Write 1,000 words to 2,000 words. Or more.
Add links to respected resources.
Link in to helpful posts on your blog.
Create something meaty to boost your blog traffic.
Give readers something to sink their teeth into.

7: Release Mental Blocks Associated with Worthiness and Confidence through Increased Personal Development

3 visitors a day.
My Blogging Ghost Town scared off most living souls.
Out of billions, I attracted 3.
This was 8 years ago.
Today I’m being featured on sites like Fox News and Entrepreneur.
How did I make the quantum leap? From 3 visitors a day to being featured on world famous blogs?
I faced, embraced and released many wicked mental blocks related to increasing my blog traffic.
Most of us feel like unworthy, undeserving amateurs.
Stings, but it’s true.
If you spend more time:
  • meditating
  • praying
  • EFT tapping
  • affirming
you will eventually uncover some pretty nasty limiting beliefs about deserving, confidence and clarity, in your being.
By clearing out these limiting beliefs – which is unpleasant but necessary – you can attract the ideas, people and circumstances, and move into specific actions, to gain massive blog traffic.
2 years ago I firmly believed throughout my being that I could never write an eBook.
Impossible, I told myself.
2 years later I have written and self published 126 eBooks.
Here’s a teeny weeny sampler of my Blogging From Paradise Library on Amazon.
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